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Multiton EkoSecure

Product Type:
Personal emergency signal units

Areas of Application:
- to secure individual workstations

The EkoSecure personal emergency signal system from Multitone is a wireless radio system with an immediate emergency transmission from the accident person to the responsible security personnel. Colleagues or security service will immediately be informed who has triggered an emergency call, such as where and when. The EkoSecure personal emergency signal system is designed as a radio communication system in multi-channel technology (two-way communication). This can be used to directly inform the person who has been injured that help is on the way; An important psychological factor to avoid panic or shock.

Features / Components:
- Personal emergency signal devices ESPAG with integrated rechargeable battery
- self-configuring wireless network without cable connections
- Multi-channel technology (two-way communication)
- Emergency call center ESHUB
- Radio transmitter ESREP
- Emergency signaling device ESPAG-Pager with display
- Can be forwarded to the internal PC network
- LAN connection for programming and logging
- emergency power supply

Price (without guarantee):
On request from:manufacturer or distributor


DIN VDE V 0825-1 / GS-Zeichen

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Multiton Elektronik GmbH


Multiton Elektronik GmbH

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