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Notrufuhr Serena / Vito

Product Type:
Emergency watch

The Serena and Vito emergency watches are fully functional wristwatches that also have an emergency button for all SmartLife Care emergency transmitters. The emergency watch is available with a design for men and women. Both models have a case made of stainless steel and a bracelet made of real leather.

Features / Components:
- Only 32 to 40g in weight, depending on the model
- Inconspicuous emergency button
- Bracelet made of real leather
- Stainless steel case
- Splashproof
- Battery life: 2 years
- Real chronograph
- Real dial
- Automatic clockwork
- Safety folding clasp
- The bracelets can be exchanged as required

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Swisscom AG


Swisscom AG

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