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Visit Personenruf Funksender

Product Type:
Radio paging

The Bellman Visit transmitter can be used as a paging transmitter (e.g. in senior citizen facilities or home care etc.). Help can be called as quickly as possible by simply pressing the button. The programming unit in the transmitter allows the selection of various event displays. As a pager, the button can be worn around the neck with a band (included in the scope of delivery). This guarantees unrestricted contact with other people.

Features / Components:
- Suitable for paging and for mounting on the apartment door.
- Very easy to use.
- Range about 200 meters in the open field.

Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x H x D): 48 x 67 x 23 mm
Weight: 50 g with battery
Range: up to 200 m
Power supply: 1 x 6 V 4LR44 battery

Price (without guarantee):
84.00 EUR incl. VAT (price revEAR)



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Bellman & Symfon Deutschland GmbH


revEAR akustik
Kerstin Knop und Petra Niederklostermann GbR

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