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Helparm for wheelchair

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  1. Moilitätsarm
  2. Mobilitätsarm, angelegt


The arm can be used for residual functions in the case of muscular or neurological deficits in the shoulder or upper arm area by reducing its own weight. The attachment to the wheelchair with a pivot point in the shoulder area enables horizontal and vertical movement. The rod and loop swing are adjustable in length.

Features / Components:

- Clamp: can be attached on both sides
- Column, swivel arm, weights, arm loops
- Colors: silver, red, blue

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Nitzbon AG
Osterrade 14
21031 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 739223-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Maximum handle width for fastening: 48 cm
Width of the clamp: 60 cm
Weight force adjustable: from 15 to 30 Newtons
Dead weight: 4.5 kg



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