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Omo-Hit , Schulter­ober­arm­fixierungs­orthese nach Dr. med. Berg

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Shoulder guiding bandage for early functional treatment

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- Follow-up treatment after shoulder luxation, subluxation
- Distortion, contusion
- Immobilization of various fractures of the humerus
- Shoulder blade fracture
- Follow-up treatment for rotator cuff injuries
- bursitis suacromilialis
- postoperative treatment (AS, ASD, acromioplasty, rotator cuff suture)


- Shoulder stabilization
- no stretching in the shoulder-neck area
- safe fixation of the arm
- early functional aftercare facilitates postoperative physiotherapy
By opening the forearm sling without removing the shoulder section, the hand, wrist and elbow can be exercised immediately postoperatively, actively and passively.

Features / Components:

- Shoulder upper arm fixation according to Dr. med. Berg
- a key aspect of early functional treatment
- anatomically shaped bandage with silicone pad
- Pad for friction massage at the musculofascial trigger point
- Cold and warm pad for pain and oedema reduction
- Axial freedom offers easy body hygiene and improves wearing comfort
- easy, fast and gentle application
- Arm fixation medium Forearm sling
- Colour: black
- Page: specify left or right
- item number: 07262

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Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Size Chest measurement
S up to 92 cm
M 92 - 102 cm
L 102 - 115 cm
XL over 115 cm



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