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Omomed Schulterbandage mit bewegungslimitierender Funktion

Product Type:

Shoulder guide bandage

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Omomed Schulterbandage

Areas of Application:

- Conservative and postoperative after proximal humeral head fractures
- Conservative and postoperative after glenoid and scapular fractures
- Conservative for painful omarthrosis
- Conservative after anterior shoulder dislocation, also chronically
- Postoperatively after shoulder interval reconstruction and redness
- postoperative after refixation of the biceps tendon anchor (SLAP - lesion)
- postoperatively after shoulder joint prosthesis


The elastic knitted fabric causes a slight, local compression on the soft tissue and thus a swelling limitation or decongestant effect as well as the reduction of muscle tension.
Also damaging movements of the shoulder joint are limited or avoided. The tension of the shoulder-encompassing muscles is reduced, so that incorrect postures of the shoulder are corrected. This improves the position of the humerus head in the shoulder joint socket and alleviates pain.

Features / Components:

- Shoulder guide bandage with flexible belt system
- Individual adjustment
- Different adjustable movement restrictions of the shoulder joint
- Highly elastic knitted fabric
- Breathable and moisture-wicking Clima-Comfort Knitted fabric
- Knitted to fit the body in the forearm and upper arm / shoulder area
- Wear with full functionality also in everyday clothing
- Suitable for several weeks of continuous use

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medi GmbH & Co. KG
Medicusstr. 1
95448 Bayreuth
Germany Telephone: 0921 912-0 Email: Homepage:


medi GmbH & Co. KG
Medicusstr. 1
95448 Bayreuth
Germany Telephone: 0921 912-0 Email: Homepage:


Article numbers on the left Article numbers on the right Size upper arm circumference
K.302.200 K.303.200 0 to 26 cm
K.302.201 K.303.201 1 26 to 29 cm
K.302.202 K.303.202 2 29 to 33 cm
K.302.203 K.303.203 3 33 to 36 cm
K.302.204 K.303.204 4 36 to 39 cm



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