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Neuro-Lux II

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Shoulder joint orthosis for slack paralysis of the shoulder muscles

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Neuro-Lux II


- Hemiplegia
- Paresis, slack paralysis of the shoulder and arm muscles
- peripheral nerve damage
- Plexus injuries
- Shoulder-Hand Syndrome
- Craniocerebral trauma
- Subluxation shoulder
- Traumas of the cervical spine


- Significant elevation of the humeral head in the direction of the glenoid cavity
- targeted securing of the shoulder joint with free function while correcting subluxation and internal rotation
- Reduction of the joint with improved freedom of movement
- avoidance of pain, subluxation and pathological movement patterns
- prevents overstretching of capsule and tendons
- Avoidance of muscle and nerve injuries to the shoulder joint
- prevents secondary damage to the shoulder joint

Features / Components:

- great freedom of movement
- largely unhindered use of the affected arm
- easy handling, orthosis can be put on and off with one hand
- different coloured plastic buckles facilitate the correct fitting
- individual adjustment options avoid congestion
- Shoulder cap made of individually mouldable thermoplastic material
- made with allergy neutral foam

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Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


- different versions for left and right shoulder
- Arm and shoulder section available in three sizes each
- Arm and shoulder part can be combined as desired



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