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Bosch Spexor

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Alarm detector with app for mobile phone

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Bosch Spexor


Bosch Spexor is a mobile, battery-operated alarm device. It scans the environment with its sensors. Spexor detects a break-in by evaluating a combination of pressure, noise and motion sensors. In addition, the air quality is measured. If the sensors detect an irregularity in the monitored environment, Spexor sends a message to the smartphone connected via the associated app. The alarm device works without cables and without a router, and its battery lasts for several weeks. This means that Spexor can be used flexibly in countless surveillance situations.

Features / Components:

- Does not have a camera, does not analyze and save voice data
- Battery life lasting several weeks
- Wireless operation
- Integrated eSIM card, free cellular connection throughout the EU for 12 months
- High-quality sensors for reliable detection of intrusions
- Air quality measurement
- 12 cm in size and 320 g in weight
- Including free app for download in the App Store and Google Play
- Micro-USB port for charging the battery
- Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM, GPS
- LED keypad on the underside to deactivate the alarm without a smartphone
- On / off switch on the side of the device

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Robert Bosch GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Platz 1
70839 Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe
Germany Telephone: 0711 400-40990 Email: Homepage:


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