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Smoke detector with SMS function for mobile phone


MicroGuard is a GSM extension module that perfectly complements existing warning devices with alarm notification by call or SMS. It ensures an unlimited range for all kinds of notifications and its behaviour can be configured in many ways.
The application example shown here uses the tested and certified function of conventional smoke detectors. The smoke detector, which is usually only equipped with a siren, delivers the required alarm impulse at the MicroGuard input. This pulse results in an alarm call and/or the sending of an alarm SMS. The SMS text can be customized by the user.
MicroGuard works with any standard SIEMENS/BenQ GSM mobile phone with an integrated modem. The mobile phone is permanently powered with the original charger to ensure unlimited functionality. An automatic reactivation of the mobile phone guarantees that the functions are guaranteed even if the mobile phone should accidentally switch itself off.

Features / Components:

- Intelligent evaluation of the alarm inputs, whereby false alarms are suppressed
- The alarm notification is made by a call and/or SMS - depending on the setting
- Authorizations for five different phone numbers can be assigned
- A repeat alarm is possible immediately or after an adjustable time (max. 12 minutes)
- Room monitoring is possible after an alarm has been triggered
- Activation and deactivation by external remote control is still supported
- Automatic query of the PrePaid credit and warning if the credit balance is less than 3 euros
- Activating and deactivating the alarm system by a call or SMS
- Status and configuration query via SMS
- Control of the relay output with pulse or continuous signal
- Setting changes via SMS

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