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Case Study
Computer workstation in sales at Deutsche Post DHL Group


Deutsche Post DHL Group is a global logistics and mail communications company with around 570,000 employees in more than 220 countries.
Deutsche Post DHL Group includes Deutsche Post - as a pan-European postal service provider - and DHL - as a global company active in international express shipping, freight transport, e-commerce and supply chain management.
The company makes a positive contribution to the environment and society through responsible action, targeted environmental protection measures and corporate citizenship, among other things.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man has a visual impairment. He can only perceive optical information to a limited extent (e.g. writing above a certain size) and wears glasses. The GdB (degree of disability) is 50.

Training and job:

The man completed training with the company or the legal predecessor as a postal clerk in the middle service. He works in the back office in Bielefeld in the division GB Vertrieb Post West/ZKAM of Deutsche Post AG.

Workplace and work task:

The employee works in an office at a computer workstation. There, he is responsible for the reimbursement of franking machine franking amounts from commercial customers. For the customer correspondence, for the accounting of the amounts and administration of the customer data he uses a PC, which is equipped for the compensation of the visual restrictions with:
- an enlargement software (zoom software),
- a contrast keyboard with XXL lettering (large character keyboard) and
- a large screen with monitor swivel arm
Only by means of the zoom software can the employee, for example, specifically display the very small contents of the customer database on the monitor in satisfactory magnification and higher contrast. The monitor swivel arm attached to the work table enables him to maintain an optimum viewing distance from the screen while maintaining a good ergonomic sitting posture, which is additionally supported by the use of a template holder (concept holder). The concept holder (for the pads in paper form) is also located at the optimum viewing distance and visual path to the monitor and keyboard, so that the strain on the eyes is also reduced (constant focusing is no longer necessary).

Working environment:

An adjustable foil blind has been installed on the window to avoid glare on the monitor. Because of the even passage of light through the foils, there is no rastering of light in the room, as with louvre curtains or blinds. This ensures uniform lighting and a pleasant room climate, without direct or indirect glare, while at the same time allowing daylight to enter the room with a clear view of the outside and providing heat protection when the sun is shining. In addition, a floor lamp can be switched on if required to increase the illuminance. The floor lamp has a special light optic to avoid glare and can be positioned flexibly as well as optimally in the working space.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

90% of the assistive products were funded by the Integration or Inclusion Office. Contact with the Integration Office or the specialist service for blind and visually impaired people of the Integration or Inclusion Office and the coordination of the measure took place via the employer's Inclusion Officer and the representative body for severely disabled people. The specialist service for blind and visually impaired people accompanied the measure in an advisory capacity.

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Last Update: 29 May 2018