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Rollenschneider IDEAL 0135

Product Type:
Manual slitter winder with Underframe

Areas of Application:
for example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system

slitter winders are used when a long, straight cut with relatively low material thickness (0.8-3.5 mm ) must be performed. They guarantee precise and burr-free cutting results. This large-format, manual slitter is suitable for trimming blueprints, papers and transparencies, drawings, plans, photos, posters or other large-format digital prints.

Features / Components:
- Side panels: open on both sides for pushing and trimming oversized formats (unlimited Cutting surface)
- Safety cutting head
- Circular blade: self-sharpening, hardened steel
- Cutting rail: stainless steel
- Pressing bar: transparent
- Pressing of the cut material: automatic
- Collecting pan: for cutting waste
- with base

Technical Data:
Table height: 960 mm
Table depth: 380 mm
Cutting length: 1600 mm
Cutting height: 0.8 mm
Weight: 21.5 kg

Options / Accessories:
- roll holder for paper rolls

Price (without guarantee):
875,84 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)



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Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG


Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG

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