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Leseglas aspheric II

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Reading glasses, aspherical

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Leseglas aspheric II


The aspherical lens is similar to a biconvex lens, but the lens surfaces deviate from the spherical shape and thus have different radii of curvature. With these aspherical lenses, a clear image with sharp edges can be achieved at high magnifications. The image position (distance between the eye and the resulting image) is 400 mm. This simplifies the selection of the right reading glass because the visually impaired can try out all aspherical reading glasses with their reading glasses.

Features / Components:

- Aspherical PXM lightweight lens with duplex surface coating
- Frame and handle made of fine-grained plastic
- Reading area: 100mm x 55mm

Price (without guarantee):

61.00 EUR
(retail price including VAT)
Price date: 01.03.2021

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Eschenbach Optik GmbH
Fürther Str. 252
90429 Nürnberg
Germany Telephone: 0911 3600-0 Email: Homepage:


Bundesweite Suche nach Augenoptikern

Aktivshop GmbH
Oldenburger Str. 17
48429 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 0800 7242042,
0800 7242042
Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Lens size: Diopter: Magnification:
100 x 50 mm 7.6 3-fold
100 x 75 mm 7.0 2.8-fold



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