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Kopf- und Vorsatzlupen labomed

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Head and attachment loupes, monocular or binocular

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Kopf- und Vorsatzlupen labomed


The labo-med attachment loupes are a visual aid for people who need to have both hands free when working. They can be clipped onto a holder as a binocular system (for two-eye vision) or as a monocular system (for one-eye vision), which is put on like glasses.

Features / Components:

- Special metal holder
- PXM lightweight lens with surface coating

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Eschenbach Optik GmbH
Fürther Str. 252
90429 Nürnberg
Germany Telephone: 0911 3600-0 Email: Homepage:


Bundesweite Suche nach Augenoptikern

Technical Data:

Lens: binocular
Order number: Magnification: Working distance:
16451 2.0 x 250 mm
16452 2.5 x 180 mm
16453 3.0 x 130 mm
16455 1.7 x 400 mm

Lens: monocular
Order number: Magnification: Working distance:
16454 4.0 x 55 mm
16457 7.0 x 32 mm



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