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Handlupe ZEISS VisuLook Classic D 6 HT

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Handglass with Aspherical Lens and Anti Reflective Coating

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Handlupe ZEISS VisuLook Classic D 6 HT


An aspherical lens helps people who need a very strong artificial lens to see better. It ensures accurate and accurate imaging throughout the field of view. Thanks to the anti-reflective coating disturbing reflections are reduced.

Features / Components:

- Aspherical Lens with Hard Protective Layer
- Anti Reflective Coating
- Ergonomic Handle
- Aluminum Socket
- Matching Case Included

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158.27 EUR including VAT (active world)
Retail price
Price Date: 29.11.2019

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Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH
Turnstr. 27
73430 Aalen
Germany Telephone: 07361 598-5000 Email: Homepage:


Aktivwelt GmbH
Provinostr. 52
86153 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 20709650 Email: Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

Brill value: 6 D
Magnification: 1.5 times
Diameter: 100 mm
Field of view: 90 mm



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