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Taschen-Leuchtlupe Eschenbach Easy Pocket

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Illuminated pocket magnifier in credit card format with lighting

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Taschen-Leuchtlupe Eschenbach Easy Pocket


The 6 mm thin illuminated pocket magnifier in credit card format has integrated LED lighting.
The diffractive aspherical lens, the SMD LED and the batteries are protected in the glass fiber reinforced housing. The LED lighting switches on automatically when the magnifying glass is pulled out of the housing.

Features / Components:

- diffractive aspherical optics
- 50 x 45 mm, 8.0 D / 3.0 x
- SMD LED -Lighting
- Batteries Batteries: 2 pieces, 1.5 volts
- Total size 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm x 0.6 cm
- Total weight including batteries: 40 grams
- Housing color: silver

Prices ( without guarantee):

Black 3-fold magnification: 44.95 EUR
Silver 3-fold magnification: 48.95 EUR
Light blue 4-fold magnification: 54.95 EUR
(each retail price including VAT)
Price date: 02.03 .2021

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Eschenbach Optik GmbH
Fürther Str. 252
90429 Nürnberg
Germany Telephone: 0911 3600-0 Email: Homepage:


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Aktivwelt GmbH
Provinostr. 52
86153 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 20709650 Email: Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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