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LED-Leuchtlupe ERGO-Lux

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Luminous magnifier with LED lighting

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LED-Leuchtlupe ERGO-Lux


The ERGO-Lux illuminated magnifier with aspherical plastic lens turns into a standing magnifier with a magnifying glass. The special design of the ERGO-Base enables it to be easily moved on the reading object. If ERGO-Lux is connected to the magnifying glass, ERGO-Base can be tilted in two directions. This enables a suitable reading inclination for right- and left-handed people. The adjustment mechanism ensures a firm hold by engaging the reading inclination. With battery-operated LED lighting.

A magnetic mechanism enables the magnifying glass to be separated from the magnifying glass for mobile use.

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A. Schweizer GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Str. 7
91301 Forchheim
Germany Telephone: 09191 7210-0 Email: Homepage:


Visiaid - Augenoptikermeister Thomas Neumann
Hauptstr. 43
61462 Königstein im Taunus
Germany Telephone: 06174 955540 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Lens: Diameter: Distance eye-lens:
24 D: 55 mm 100 mm
20 D: 55 mm 120 mm
16 D: 60 mm 140 mm
12 D: 70 mm 170 mm
8 D: 100 x 75 mm 190 mm



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