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Optergo Prismenbrille

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Prismatic glasses for dental staff

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Optergo Prismenbrille

Areas of Application:

- optical aid
- visual aid
- reading aid


The properties of the glasses frame and the prismatic lens technology enable a working posture in which head tilt and eye rotation can be kept within the recommended maximum values.
The Optergo prism glasses are part of the Optergo product range. The goal of Optergo is to create framework conditions for an optimal working posture for dental staff.

Features / Components:

- Prism correction to reduce neck and eye rotation
- Magnification 1.1x
- Individual correction of ametropia to achieve the best possible Ensure visual acuity
- Prism segment with a large field of view (40 cm at a distance of 40 cm)
- Multiple anti-reflective coating
- Ultralight construction - 23 g total weight including glasses frame
- Titanium frame for weight and stability reasons - Made in Sweden
- Pre-inclined frame for Optimal optical use position

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MeridentOptergo AB
Skinnefjällsvägen 1
43540 Mölnlycke
Sweden Telephone: +46 31887727 Email: Homepage:


Optik Sievert
Tangstedter Landstr. 35
22415 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 5316587 Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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