Assistive Product Kantenfilter-Clip

Product Type:

Edge filter glasses

Areas of Application:

- Outdoor use
- Contrast enhancement
- Cataracts
- Albinism
- Diabetic retinopathy
- Glare sensitivity


Edge filters allow light to pass through almost unfiltered up to a cut-off frequency, but absorb from the Cutoff frequency (edge) a large part of the light. This increases the contrast and reduces glare.
Thanks to the darkened upper edge, the glasses lie close to the head and effectively prevent stray light from reaching the eye from above. This is also supported by the broad brackets with integrated filters.
The disturbing short-wave parts of the spectrum in particular are filtered out, with a high degree of light transmission being achieved at the same time. As a result, the edge filter glasses are especially suitable for the visually impaired. The edge filter glasses are suitable for wearing over the correction frame.

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A. Schweizer GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Str. 7
91301 Forchheim
Germany Telephone: 09191 7210-0 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Clip width / disc height: 123/40 mm



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Last Update: 21 Apr 2021