Case Study
Physiotherapeut und selbständiger Unternehmer

Disability and impairment: The man has an innate severe visual impairment and can perceive the visual information of its surroundings, a dark and shadowy. In addition, his field of vision is restricted

Training and job:

The man trained as an office administrator. Due to an accident he had to give up this profession after some time. He therefore trained as a masseur and medical lifeguards around and then completed another training for physiotherapists In REHADAT you will also find facilities that train visually impaired

Path to build an own company:

The path to independence took place gradually. After the retraining and the first years as a massage therapist and medical lifeguard the man was unemployed. He then completed his training as a physiotherapist and then worked as a freelancer in a physiotherapy practice. When he was offered after a few years taking over the practice, he decided to start his own business. Now in its eighth year as an entrepreneur, the physical therapist employs two full-time employees, three professional physiotherapists and five slightly-time employees, including his wife

Workplace and work organization:

In addition to classical physiotherapy, the practice offers a number of other forms of treatment. As a boss, he performs around 35 weekly hours of treatment to his patients. In addition, at least 10 hours of office work, such as cash accounting, medical reports and deployment planning. His former commercial education helps the entrepreneur in coping with the business tasks. He used to perform the paperwork independently on the PC, appropriate tools. The PC has a magnification software, which enlarges the screen content and displays more contrast on the large screen or monitor and a large-font contrast keyboard. Documents and documents in paper format, the entrepreneur with the help of a screen reader can also enlarge displayed on the monitor. To do this, he simply places the sheet under the reading head or the camera of the device and adjusts the zoom factor and contrast required for the obstruction. In addition, he has agreed with his practice team special ways of working and processes, which facilitate the management of the practice and getting along in the workplace. For example, for him the patient files are always stored in a designated place at hand and notes written down large and clear, so he can decipher them easily. Only when traveling to home visits or completing forms by hand does the physiotherapist need a work assistant, who usually takes over his wife.

Assistive devices used:

video systems with bigger picture (screen readers) Keyboards (large print keyboards) special edition software (magnification software)

Keywords and Further Information

Funding and participation:

The aids for disability-friendly design as well as some advanced training were and the work assistance is promoted by the integration office. The promotion of work assistance is within the scope of the personal budget. The technical advice was provided by the engineering specialist service of the Integration Office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service. The Integration Office can help people with severe disabilities, for example through a loan, to start up and maintain an independent occupational existence. If an entrepreneur draws unemployment benefits I or II, counseling and self-employment support can also be provided by the employment agency.

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