Case Study
Eine Rechtsanwältin macht sich selbständig und gründet eine eigene Kanzlei


The woman works as a lawyer.

Disability and functional limitation:

The woman has a visual impairment, or retinitis pigmentosa - a gradually extending degenerative disease of the retina, which leads her to a restriction of visual perception (eg, visual field loss, night blindness, loss of three-dimensionality and contrast in vision). With increasing age, intensified her disability-related limitations.

Training and job:

Since the symptoms of the disease were initially not as pronounced, the woman could easily complete a study of journalism. She worked on the side as court rapporteur and discovered their professional passion for the law. For this reason, they then studied law. She finished training as a lawyer successfully with the second legal state examination.

Way to independence:

Since beginning her law degree, the woman wanted to do as a lawyer independently. After passing the second state exam, they sit around and then this project founded and opened a law firm that specializes in tort law, family law and medical malpractice law. To cope with the partially bureaucracy (applications, labor inspectorates, tax office, etc.), they won support with a tax advisor. Most of their clients were aware of their firm over the internet and advertisements in the daily newspaper. Thus, paid advertising effort by the constant growth of mandates, and the firm has established itself in the market.

Workplace and duties:

In dealing with clients, the lawyer is extremely well versed and goes without fear to that to. A few hours a week is supported in the office by a paralegal with the office work the lawyer. In everyday office operations it uses a screen reader that their increased work-related often to read documents and contrast is on a monitor.

Assistive devices used:

Video systems with bigger picture (screen readers)

Keywords and Further Information

Funding :

The screen reader for disability-oriented design was sponsored by the Office integration. The Integration Office granted the lawyer additionally an interest-free loan to start a business. Previously, the integration office checked exactly the loan application in order to avoid a failure, bankruptcy and debt of company founder. In addition, severely disabled people can get from the Integration Office further financial benefits for vocational participation. If a start-up unemployment benefit I or II relate, as well as an advice and support for self-employment by the employment agency can take place. In REHADAT you will find the address and tel - number of integration offices and agencies.

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