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Arbeitsgestaltung für einen Maschinenbediener


The company with its more than 1,200 employees produced complex parts and assemblies focusing springs and stampings.

Disability and functional impairment of the employee:

Due to a retinal disease, the vision of the man is limited. She is without glasses 20% and with glasses correction 75%. The vision fluctuates daily and is expressed mainly in blurred vision. In addition, there is a strong sensitivity to glare. The degree of disability is 70th.

Education and job:

The man is a trained car mechanic and for several years worked as a production assistant or machine operator with his employer.

Workplace and work environment (current status):

The machine operator is used in the mechanical production of a multi-machine workstation on which several steps he manufactures components and controls at stations. punching Machine The-use for the setup and operation to the controller display is difficult to read for the employee. In addition, the working space is insufficient illuminated, so that the steps (apply material change punch, testing and measurement stampings) difficult. drilling Milling Machine The digital displays for measurement values, counters, hour meter of drilling milling machine and the measuring devices (calipers and micrometer) are difficult for the staff to see. The bright surface of the work table, which is used as a measuring station, hidden in the reading of the measuring instruments. Scheuer conditioning The number before the scrubbing system tray table provides a high viewing distance to the display. measuring stations The employee has three other stations with 17 " monitors for controlling the workpieces are available. The display of the monitors can be read only with difficulty because of the poor contrast ratios, the large and the small Sehabstandes character size.

Workplace and work environment (desired status):

punching Machine - Use of a swivel and dimmable LED work light for better lighting - Use of a larger control displays drilling Milling Machine - Use of an additional display with enlarged display - Use of four LED displays enlarged display for counters and hour meter - Use of a panel as a PC with a big touch screen with Einlesesoftware and additional hardware (multiplexer) as an interface between the panel and the measuring devices (calipers and micrometer) - Applying an anti-reflective film on desktop Scheuer conditioning - Installation of rollers on the bedside table, so that the employees move it quickly when needed and read the display of the machine from a short distance can. measuring stations - All small monitors were replaced with 24 " TFT monitors and each mounted on a swivel arm. The visual disturbances were offset by the aids used and at the same time taking an ergonomic posture are ensured, for example, by positioning the LCD monitors using the Monitor swivel arms.

Assistive devices used:

working light fixed-position systems measuring instruments and equipment

Promotion and participation:

The disability-related work planning was funded 100% by the integration office - this was for the employer no economic advantage. The consultation was carried out by the engineer-specialist service for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service.

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