Case Study
Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für eine Buchhalterin


The employer is a roofer and tiler with 10 employees.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

She is visually impaired. Because of her disability for better visual perception information must be enlarged and presented in high contrast. As well as this she has spinal disease. She is therefore restricted in employment in activities requiring prolonged standing, sitting or frequent bending.

Training and job:

She completed training as an assistant accountant. She has worked for many years as a bookkeeper for her employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

She works in an office at a computer workstation. At her workplace she mainly carries out bookkeeping and writing work. For entering the relevant data she has a standard PC and monitor. She can no longer recognise and read the information displayed on the monitor. The furniture at her workplace does not allow her to change her body position. Thus there is a static sitting position during her work.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

For entering or improved and disabled-friendly perception of the monitor Content, the available PC was equipped with enlarging software, a camera reading system (monitor reading equipment) and a 19 inch TFT monitor. Using special software she can enlarge the contents on the monitor. The inbuilt camera reading system has an open shape (a cross table for exact positioning of papers). The camera head is adjustable and so can be quickly adapted to different formats (A4 portrait or landscape). She uses the camera reading system to show the content of documents enlarged on the TFT monitor or to fill out forms. The 19 inch TFT monitor is flicker free and allows with increasing resolution (less horizontal scrolling) improved contrast rich representation. The workplace was fitted with a height adjustable desk for dynamic changes of body posture (standing- sitting). The extra introduced ergonomic workchair allows complaint-free work in a sitting position.

Assistive devices used:

image-enlarging video systems special output software (screenreader) workplace furniture and furnishing elements work chairs and office chairs

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Funding :

The advice about the workplace layout and application for support measures was carried out by an engineer of the Chamber of Trade. The disabled-friendly layout was 80% supported by the Integration Office.

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