Case Study
Gestaltung eines Arbeitsplatzes für einen Lageristen


The employer is a medium-sized industrial or chemical company.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

He has a visual impairment, leading to a reduction in vision. Therefore, to compensate he wears glasses. Despite the glasses with longer working on the monitor his vision is restricted. His degree of disability is 40.

Training and job:

He completed training as a lathe operator. He is employed by his employer as a storeman.

Workplace and work environment:

The employees working in the storage area of ​​the company. At his local video workstation for warehouse management program has a PC with software for enlarging and contrast display the screen contents on a large screen available. The large screen is installed on a monitor swivel, so that the employees can take at the VDU to warehouse management an optimal viewing distance, at an ergonomic working posture. Preventive also a disorder of the musculoskeletal system or of the spine is prevented. The predominantly small and lightweight goods (tools, connecting and bonding material, screws, nuts, etc.) are stored and retrieved in shelves, fronted storage bins and tool cabinets. For quantification of the employee uses in the camp a counting scale with a digital or sufficiently large LED display, in which the background color for better contrast display can be changed. In some places in the storage area better illumination through the ceiling lighting is technically impossible. The employee needs but disability causes an increased or good lighting for loading and unloading. In special cases, he uses a flashlight with a broad and uniform illumination, which he can use variable as needed.

Assistive devices used:

special output software fixed-position systems measuring instruments and equipment

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Funding and participation:

The disabled-friendly layout was supported by the Integration Office. The consultation was carried out by the technical service for visually impaired and blind people the integration office.

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