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Gestaltung eines Arbeitsplatzes für eine Buchhalterin

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The employer is an educational institute.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

She has a visual impairment leading to reduced vision. Therefore, due to her disability information must be enlarged and presented contrast-rich for better visual perception.

Training and job:

She completed training as a bookkeeper. She has worked for several years for her employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

The woman works in an office at a computer workstation. At her place of work, she mainly does booking and typing. A PC with a monitor that is too small for visual impairment is available for entering the relevant data. The furniture at the workplace consists of a work table with a non-adjustable work surface.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

The current PC was equipped with enlarging software, a camera reading system (monitor reading equipment) and a big monitor for input or for improvement and disabled-friendly visualisation of the monitor content. Using the special software she can look at the enlarged content on the monitor. The integrated camera reading system has an open design (figure 1), a cross table for exact positioning of papers and a foot switch to switch between PC/camera monitor. The camera head turns and thus can be rapidly adjusted to the different papers (A4 lanscape and portrait). She uses the camera reading system to show the content of the documents in paper format enlarged on the big monitor or for filling out forms. The big monitor used for this is flicker-free and enables improved and contrast-rich representation with increasing resolution (less horizontal scrolling). Because of her reduced reading distance the big monitor was attached with a swivel arm to the worktable. With the aid of the swivel arm she can best place the monitor in her sight without having to adopt an unphysiological position (figure 2). As well as this she needs a height adjustable worktable at an angle (90 degree angle). Because of the arrangement of the reading table and PC a trackball is recommended as an alternative to a mouse.

Assistive devices used:

image-enlarging video systems computer pointing devices special output software (screenreader) fixed-position systems workplace furniture and furnishing elements

Keywords and Further Information

Funding :

The disabled-friendly support was 100% supported by the Integration Office.

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