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Gestaltung eines Arbeitsplatzes für einen Teilezurichter


The company is a supplier for the firearms industry and also presents itself Sports Firearms ago.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man has a skull base fracture have a visual impairment with a visual field defect. The residual vision for perception of optical information, such as Numbers or characters is, in the right eye and 50% in the left eye 5%. In addition, his range of vision is limited by the visual field defect and it is increased glare sensitivity. The degree of disability (handicap) is 90 The severely handicapped contains the markers G and RF.

Training and job:

The man has trained as a parts fitter and served on the employer several CNC lathes in shifts (early and late shifts). In REHADAT You will also find training facilities for visually impaired people.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

In the production area of ​​Teilezurichter for four CNC lathes is responsible. That is, it: - Loads the machine with material - Change the tools in case of wear or breakage, - Changes the correction values ​​for the new tools to the machine control, - Starts and monitors the machining process, - Removes the machined workpieces and - Check this conclusion. Disability Because there were difficulties: - While reading the correction values ​​to the monitor of a CNC lathe, since the incident sunlight led to reflections and the glare, - The reading of the measured values ​​of the scale, and the vernier of the analog gauges (Caliper, Micrometer-screws and the internal gauge screws), - When the optical testing of the rotated workpiece surfaces and - When reading technical drawings.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

For disability-oriented design and thus to compensate for the limited visual perception as well as the increased sensitivity to glare of the work was: - A partition to prevent reflections of reading the screen of the CNC lathe, - Digital instruments (Caliper, Micrometer-screws and the internal gauge screws) with interfaces for data or measurement value output, - A LED display with large display for magnified measured value output and the ability to connect multiple instruments and - A magnifying lamp to check the surfaces and read technical drawings equipped. The tool allows the use Teilezurichter compliance with the required dimensional accuracy and surface quality for the gunmaker, so he is allowed to work on a permanent basis without restrictions on.

Assistive devices used:

magnifier glasses, lenses and lens systems for magnification Partition walls measuring instruments and equipment

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Funding :

The disability reasonable accommodation was sponsored by the Office integration. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and phone - numbers of the integration offices.

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