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Clear View C One 22

Product Type:
electronic screen reader

Areas of Application:
- stationary use
- severely visually impaired people

- C-shaped design for more space when working
- Stepless magnification from 2 to 75 times
- High-resolution 55 cm (21.5 ") HD TFT screen
- HD technology
- True color photo mode
- 4 selectable high-contrast reading colors for image optimization
- 1 to 4 selectable color combinations can be preset
- Adjustable brightness and contrast
- Overview function (position display)
- autofocus (can be switched off)
- light pointer (position indicator)
- Changeable configuration:
- Standard (space-saving), ideal for everyday use
- Comfort, ideal for reading large documents and for hobby work
- Integrated lighting, can be switched off to avoid reflections from glossy originals
- Smooth-running reading table with continuously adjustable brakes for x and y direction
- Optional: Large reading table top for more comfort when reading large documents or for hobby work (see accessories)
- PC HDMI input: display of the PC image on the ClearView C screen

Technical Data:
Magnification: 2 to 75 times
Footprint in cm: 42 x 51
Weight: 15.92 kg

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Optelec GmbH


Optelec GmbH

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