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Transformer HD

Product Type:
electronic camera system

Areas of Application:
- portable use

Features / Components:
- Text View: Allows you to zoom in and read documents
- Remote View: Notes on the blackboard or business presentations can be viewed
- Self View : You get an enlarged close-up and can thus see for yourself
- Autofokuskamera (camera head - swivel 350 degrees ) and OCR camera (in OCR version)
- Display modes: true color; Reading colors (up to 28 in combinations possible)
- Text recognition and read-in function with OCR variant by means of software
- Power supply Lithium-ion battery
- Replacement battery, removable battery compartment
- Battery life: approx. 2 hours in continuous operation
- Panel reading function and Short-range function
- Image playback software with memory function
- collapsible tripod, foldable base
- LED light
- HDMI connection type A
- USB3.0 connection type B
- wireless connection 2.4GHz, power supply connection

- Operating instructions
- Power Supply
- Lens Cleaning Cloth
- Carrying Case
- USB Operation Software Stick
- Battery
- HDMI Cable
- USB3.0 Cable
- Single Plug Connector for HDMI Socket

Technical Data:
Magnification: 1.7 - 30.6x (at 61cm screen)
Magnification: 1.1 - 19x (at 33cm screen)
Dimensions collapsed: 34.3 x 12.4 x 12.2 cm
Weight: 1.56 kg

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

Weitere Details des Vertriebs
Weitere Details des Vertriebs

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Enhanced Vision Inc.


Optelec GmbH


Help Tech GmbH

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