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i-See HD Bildschirmlesegerät

Product Type:
electronic screen reader

Areas of Application:
- stationary use
- severely visually impaired persons

The screen reader i-See HD with TFT screen has a 720p HD camera.

Features / Components:
- 720p HD Camera with TFT Screen
- Screen sizes from 19 to 27 available
- Height and tilt of the monitor adjustable
- LED Illumination
- Zoom presets in photo and high contrast modes
- Monitor-mounted control
- Autofocus and Fixed Focus function
- Easily adjust brightness and contrast
- 3 photo modes and 10 high-contrast modes
- Horizontal / vertical reading line and block-by-blanking
- XY ergonomic table, with horizontal / vertical brake
- extended menu for specific application

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH


Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH


Beta Hilfen für Sehgeschädigte GmbH


Aktivwelt GmbH

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