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Assistive Product TactiPad Zeichenbrett

Product Type:

Drawing board

Areas of Application:

- Visual impairment
- Blindness
- Keeping score in a game
- Memo board mounted on the wall
- Making homework e.g. Math or Geography
- making greeting cards or supporting other creative expression
- making pie charts and other diagrams
- making a map of surroundings or using as a map while carrying the drawing board with the shoulder strap.


The TactiPad is a versatile drawing board that enables people with visual impairments to make their own drawings. The principle is based on an embossing technique in which the sheet - a special drawing foil - is "worked" either with a pen or another pointed object by applying strong pressure. The drawing foil is placed on a rubber base, which creates raised, tactile lines when drawing. The ergonomic design makes it easier to use, making drawing easier.

GraphGrid and CircleFrame for additional functionality:
To further expand the drawing capabilities on the TactiPad, two additional drawing tools are available in addition to the regular tools.
GraphGrid is the equivalent of grid paper. Using rubber bands, a grid can be added to the drawing area. This can be used, for example, to create tables or for repeating patterns or graphs and other mathematical drawings.

The CircleFrame is used to make circular drawings with great accuracy. This drawing tool can be used to easily draw circle diagrams, the face of a clock or other interesting circular patterns and motifs.

Price (without guarantee):

325,00 EUR plus VAT.
End user price
Price date: 12.10.2022

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Blista-Brailletec Gemeinnützige GmbH
für Blinden- und Sehbehindertentechnik
Tom-Mutters-Str. 11
35041 Marburg
Germany Telephone: 06421 8020,
06421 802-0
Email: Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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