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Assistive Product YOROPEN-Kunststoff-Kugelschreiber

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Ball pen for right handedness and left handedness


The ball pen is suitable for right handedness and left handedness. The tip can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for a better view of what is being written.
The offset base allows the user to apply pressure directly over the tip. This means less energy and tension is required. The offset part does not allow the fingers to slide down, thus avoiding incorrect posture. When using rulers and templates, the Yoropen allows precise work, the user has a better view and can better guide and control the stroke. A rotatable, ergonomic handle allows for an individually adjustable finger position.

Price (without guarantee):

3,95 EUR incl. VAT (distribution)
End consumer price
Price date: 12.10.2022

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Linkshänder & Co GmbH
Krämerbrücke 24
99084 Erfurt
Germany Telephone: 0361 5504844-0 Email: Homepage:

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