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Assistive Product Kugelschreiber PenAgain

Product Type:

Ballpoint pen with ergonomic shape

Areas of Application:

  • left-handedness
  • hand disability
  • reduced hand strength
  • missing finger links


The Pen Again ballpoint pen requires little strength when writing. The Pan Again has an ergonomic shape and can be refilled. For correct finger position and pleasant, comfortable writing, one finger is placed in the U-shape, the other fingers are placed in the three notches of the pen. Even people with missing phalanges or fingers can write with the PenAgain.
The ballpoint pen is suitable for right- and left-handed use.

Price (without guarantee):

8.85 EUR including VAT (distribution)
End user price
Price date: 12.10.2022

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Cerstin Bayer
Schöttlingerstr. 7a
31698 Lindhorst
Germany Telephone: 05725 5950 Email: Homepage:

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