Assistive Product
Open Book

Product Type:

Reader with voice output
Reader with automatic text recognition
Reading system with scanner

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Lesegerät Open Book

Areas of Application:

- blind people
- severely visually impaired people

Features / Components:

- Hardware components: control unit, scanner, PC keyboard
- text memory: depending on the PC
used - scanner used: Canoscan Lide 70
- OCR used: FineReader, OmniPage or Recognita (can be switched during operation)
- voice output used as standard: IBM ViaVoice Outloud and RealSpeak
- page recognition: column detection that can be switched off, tilt correction, Announcement of the sheet position, contrast setting, character spacing can be adjusted
- Fax function of OPENBook enables the reception and sending of faxes via PC modem
- Photocopies of printed documents possible
- With a special manager, documents from OPENBook are easy to use in other applications, such as Example to export Microsoft Word or Notepad
- import function available
- Connect Outloud makes connection to Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Adobe Acrobat Reader possible

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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