Assistive Product
Lesephon Notebook

Product Type:

Reader with automatic text recognition
Reader with voice output
Reading system with scanner

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Lesophon Notebook

Areas of Application:

- persons with severe vision impairment
- for blind persons

Features / Components:

- Notebook, dual cor, 2600 2x, 4) GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Double Layer DVDPlus
- RW, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400, WLAN 802.11g, WLAN 802.11b, Win 7 Home,
- USB Scanner Canon Lide with 600 dpi optical resolution, DIN A4 format,
- Text recognition with automatic font, contrast, attribute and column recognition for
German texts, with a size of 2 to 20 mm
- German language edition
- Natural voice listening menu with over 60 menu items for parameter settings
- text storage, batch processing, bookmarks and more
- blinded keyboard with automatic for one-button operation
- Microphone for storing document names possible
- Helptext and instructions in the system, Screenreader Jaws
- 40 digit Alva Braille line
- fully installed and configured.

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AASB Arbeitsplatz - Ausstattung für Sehbehinderte und Blinde
Inh.: Maria Seidling
Weingäßchen 4
91126 Schwabach
Germany Telephone: 09122 82404 Email: Homepage:

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