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Shopping assistant for the iPhone with voice output

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- Visual impairment
- Blindness


A hand scanner captures the barcode on all products and the iPhone says what it is.
By using VoiceOver on the iPhone, the products recognized and displayed by PocketShopper are also announced by the voice output.
PocketShopper can only be used on Apple devices with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
With the Pockethopper you can create a shopping list. Is z. If, for example, the coffee is used up, the PocketShopper is used to record the empty pack and add the product to the shopping list. The shopping list can also be sent by SMS or e-mail.
In addition to groceries, clothing and books, PocketShopper also recognizes music CDs.
In the event that PocketShopper does not know the scanned product, you can add to the database yourself by clicking on enter a text yourself or record a voice announcement.
PocketShopper 4.0 integrates online databases in addition to the internal database. The food traffic light is also displayed for many articles.

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