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eSight 4

Product Type:

Magnifying glasses as electronic magnifying glass and product recognition device and text recognition device

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Areas of Application:

- severely visually impaired people
- ocular albinism
- optic atrophy
- cataract
- coloboma
- cone dystrophy
- optic hypoplasia
- nystagmus
- premature retinopathy.
- retinopathy -Stargardt
- Macular Degeneration
- Diabetic Retinopathy


eSight 4 is a lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-use e-Sight glasses with a built-in HD camera.
The powerful computer processes the high-resolution video immediately and displays it on two OLED screens in front of the users eyes.

Features / Components:

- 2 high-resolution screens (1280 x 960), one for each eye, for binocular Seeing
- enables near and far vision
- distance between pupil and screen can be adjusted
- contrasts and brightness can be changed
- 24x zoom
- camera function
- patented biopsy inclination: glasses can be tilted up and down for better To get a view nearby or to explore new places on foot
- exchangeable batteries for up to 3 hours of continuous operation
- rear battery compartment for weight compensation
- can be worn over corrective glasses
- connection to PC possible
- WLAN, Bluetooth


- Magnifying glasses eSight 4
- 2 batteries
- Power supply
- USB cable
- Quick start guide
- User manual
- Carrying case

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Reinecker Vision GmbH
Sandwiesenstr. 19
64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein
Germany Telephone: 06257 9311-0 Email: Homepage:

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