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Smartbrille NuEyes Pro

Product Type:

Magnifying glasses as electronic magnifying glass and product recognition device and text recognition device

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Smartbrille NuEyes Pro

Areas of Application:

- severely visually impaired people
- macular degeneration
- glaucoma
- diabetic retinopathy
- retinitis pigmentosa


NuEyes Pro is a removable electronic visual aid in the form of a lightweight Glasses with optical properties for the visually impaired. The NuEyes Pro has a built-in Android system computer with a camera.
A camera on the front of the vision aid plays a live stream video that is instantly projected onto the inside of the glasses. On the NuEyes Pro you can enlarge the projected image up to 10 times. With an additional lens, which is attached to the front of the camera, a magnification of up to 12 times is achieved. In addition, the NuEyes Pro has a black-and-white or white-black contrast function that can be easily changed using a button. The glasses can also be controlled with a small control device connected via Bluetooth.
In addition to the functions described above, texts can be recognized with the control unit. At the push of a button on the control unit, the camera takes a picture of the text and reads it out through two headphones. Both headphones are magnetically attached to the headband of the glasses and can be easily taken on or off. In addition, the glasses can recognize barcodes if they are connected to the WiFi. The control unit can also be used to switch the light on the front on and off to enable optimal lighting conditions from every angle.

Features / Components:

- variable magnification up to 12x
- various contrast and color changes
- OCR / Text-to-speech
- wireless
- lightweight construction
- 1.5 hours of battery life + 5 hours of power bank
- 2-year guarantee
- barcode and QR scanner

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NuEyes Deutschland GbR
Mayerhof 5
74906 Bad Rappenau
Germany Telephone: 07264 2066139 Email: Homepage:


NuEyes Deutschland GbR
Mayerhof 5
74906 Bad Rappenau
Germany Telephone: 07264 2066139 Email: Homepage:

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