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OrCam MyReader 2.0 / OrCam MyEye 2.0

Product Type:

Reader with voice output
Reading system with scanner
Reader with automatic text recognition, face recognition, product recognition

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  1. OrCam 2.0
  2. OrCam 2.0

Areas of Application:

- visually impaired people
- blind people
- portable use
- In working life, the device can be used, for example, for taking part in meetings, be helpful for inspecting files or on the way to work


The OrCam MyEye consists of a small camera that is attached to the right arm of a pair of glasses. The glasses serve purely as a carrier and have no other function for the OrCam, so glasses of all kinds can be used. At the same time, a mini speaker is placed on the temple arm next to the ear.
The base unit is integrated into the camera unit so that the device is wireless.
The camera continuously records the viewing area in front of the user in a natural line of sight. Just as the user points his finger at a certain text, article or paragraph in the field of vision or alternatively presses a switch on the base unit, the device converts the visual information into audio information, which is then output via the earphones.
The camera recognizes gestures benefits, such as pointing to text or moving while looking at the watch. A photo is then taken in the field of vision of the person wearing the OrCam and the image / text information is analyzed. Special software converts the visual information in the base unit into audio information. The volume can be controlled using certain pushbuttons on the base unit.
If the ambient light is too dark for text recognition, the additional lighting is switched on automatically. Integrated WLAN enables automatic software updates. The automatic language recognition can automatically recognize the spoken language.

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Weitere Details des Vertriebs zu Orcam MyEye (Gaudio-Braille)
Weitere Details des Vertriebs zu Orcam MyReader (Gaudio-Braille)

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OrCam Technologies Ltd.
Kiryat HaMada 5
90258 Jerusalem
Israel Homepage:


Help Tech GmbH
Brunnenstr. 10
72160 Horb-Nordstetten
Germany Telephone: 07451 5546-0 Email: Homepage:

Biegenstr. 27
35037 Marburg
Germany Telephone: 06421 389538-0 Email: Homepage:

Blinden Hilfsmittel Vertrieb Dresden (BHVD)
Tannenstr. 2
01099 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 4045775 Email: Homepage:


The standard version Orcam MyReader focuses on pure text recognition.
OrCam MyEye currently offers face and product recognition as additional features.
The user can use the microphone to identify people and products Give names. Up to 100 people and 150 products can be stored on the control unit, which also offers storage space.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 76 x 21 x 14.9 mm
Battery: Rechargeable LiPolymer battery
Camera: 13MP camera
Weight device: 22.5 g



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