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Assistive Product tolino vision 6

Product Type:

Electronic Book Reader (E Book Reader)


An e-book reader (also e-reader) is a portable reading device for electronically stored book content (e-books). The device is able to adapt the font to the reader's needs (font type, font size, hyphenation, capital letters). The tolino vision 6 has a special coating and is water-repellent to a certain extent. The device can also be used to view PDF documents.

The tolino vision 6 has a special mode for people with visual impairments, where menu items can also be enlarged. With the automatic feature smartLight, the color temperature of the integrated reading light adjusts to the time of day: From cold white light in the morning, the device changes to warm white light in the evening. When there is satisfactory daylight, the lighting can also be switched off, which extends the battery life.

Thanks to its special water protection, the tolino vision 6 is also suitable for reading in the bathtub, since it can withstand a short immersion in water. According to the manufacturer, the response time of the quad-core processor has been reduced by 20 percent compared to its predecessor, the tolino vision 5, which makes turning pages much more relaxed.

Features / Components:

- large 7" e-ink charta 1200 display
- mode for enlarged menu items
- automatic display rotation (portrait/landscape)
- ergonomic shape with scroll buttons for intuitive operation
- touchscreen display
- smartLight illumination with color temperature according to time of day (cold/warm)
- water-repellent IPX8 coating
- HD display
- 16 GB storage space, of which 12 GB for up to 12.000 eBooks usable
- USB cable pluggable on both sides
- weeks of battery life
- WLAN and free access to Deutsche Telekom HotSpots

Price (without guarantee):

169,00 EUR
(retail price incl. VAT)
Price date: 11.01.2023

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Thalia Bücher GmbH
An den Speichern 8
48157 Münster
Germany Telephone: 0251 5309330 Email: Homepage:


Thalia Bücher GmbH
An den Speichern 8
48157 Münster
Germany Telephone: 0251 5309330 Email: Homepage:

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