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Assistive Product Brailledruck | Taktildruck

Product Type:

Tactile printing and printed products with Braille and large print

Areas of Application:

- Visual Impairment
- Blindness
- Tactile Printing
- Braille Printing


The company offers tactile printed output of all kinds on cardboard or foil for the blind and severely visually impaired. Produced are e.g. business cards with Braille, menus in large print and with Braille, folders or brochures. The print products are offered on an accessible website. In addition to braille (Braille or Braille), which is used for the tactile representation of letters and numbers, the tactile representation of graphics or images in publications or info boards is also possible. These graphics are used when a literal explanation or description is not sufficient or not possible easily enough. Examples are building plans, directions, the representation of objects, or in the cultural field the representation of sculptures, paintings, etc. Tactile graphics can be produced by embossing or by using special tactile inks in inkjet printers.

Graphics for the blind are often combined with Braille.

Braille printing:
- Braille printing on cardboard
- Braille printing on foil
- Braille and large print
- Door signs
- Lettering
- Business cards with Braille
- Menu cards in Braille
- Bar cards in Braille
- Ice card Braille
- Greeting cards
- Ballot stencils

Price (without guarantee):

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