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Electronic page turner


The electronic page turner is designed for people who lack the ability to grasp or control their hands. It is suitable for books, magazines and paperbacks from approximately 115 to 210 mm and 100 to 200 mm wide and up to 60 mm thick. The sheets are turned by a gripping element with an adhesive roller. The sheet turns are triggered by light touching or blowing. The sheet turner turns pages forwards and backwards.

The advantage of the switchTURNY is the tilting function, so you can read in different lying positions.

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Humanelektronik GmbH
Spezial- und Rehabilitationselektronik
Weinsheimer Str. 57a
67547 Worms
Germany Telephone: 06241 49691-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions (W x H): 445 x 400 mm
for books and magazines: from approx. 115 to 210 mm wide and up to a maximum of 60 mm thick
Mains adapter: 12 volts
Weight: mobile model 23 kg
Weight: 4.5 kg

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tableTURNY plus:



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Last Update: 7 Mar 2022