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Assistive Product Lesehilfe für Linkshänder

Product Type:

Reading Mask for Left-handedness

Areas of Application:

- Left-handedness
- Dyslexia


Since left-handed:ins have a different direction of gaze than right-handed:ins, this reading aid is helpful. The direction of gaze is from right to left in left-handedness, but since our reading direction is from left to right, therefore the left-handed child's eye often slides to the right and tries to fit letters into a word too early. With the reading aid, this area is covered and the word can be built correctly letter by letter.
Since eye-hand coordination is important, the fingertips of the left-handed reading hand are also imprinted to remind the child of the important reading hand (which now replaces the usual index finger). Meanwhile, this reading aid is also used for right-handed children with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

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