Case Study
Workplace design for an administrative employee

Disability and functional limitation of the man:

As a result of a shortened left arm with an unusable hand he has a degree of disability of 60 (GdB 60).


He is an industrial clerk and works for his employer as an administrative clerk.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

The workroom is as a single workroom or individual workplace well suited for him and fulfills the relevant official regulations regarding room size, accessibility and lighting. The technical aids at the workplace ie. table and chair are height adjustable, however they do not allow a simple change in the work posture.
He works at a standard monitor workplace where he writes and stores texts by means of a computer.

Workplace (desired status):

He needs an electrically adjustable angle combination with a rondelle with sufficient place for a monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as a tiltable functional surface. He also needs a slightly adjustable chair. As he is mainly concerned with writing texts, because of his disability the use of an automatic speech recognition system could be considered. For supporting text input and for controlling the computer he also needs a one handed keyboard which he can use completely with the right hand. Because of the constant eye contact with the screen due to the speech recognition, a flicker-free flat screen is used. Compulsory for the typing work on the PC is also the use of a document holder with line guidance and lighting.

Workplace (actual status):

In the sanitary area there are only paper towels for drying the hands. As he only has one functioning hand he finds it difficult to use paper towels for drying his hands.

Work environment (desired status):

In the sanitary area an electric hand dryer must be used so that he can dry his hands after washing them.

Assistive devices used:

input devices for computers
input software
manuscript holders
workplace furniture and furnishing elements
work chairs and office chairs

Further Information

The disabled-friendly workplace layout was supported by the Main Welfare Office.

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Last Update: 20 Aug 2008