Case Study
Workplace design for a clerk


The employer is a health insurance.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The severely disabled woman has a lumbar syndrome and a shoulder disease (right).
With the resumption of professional activities of the rehabilitation clinic was recommended that they should perform only light work, alternating rhythm of sitting, standing and walking from a medical point of view. Here, static postures, frequent bending and carrying heavy loads should be avoided in addition.

Training and job:

The woman working as a clerk at their employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

The woman working at a video workstation in an office. Their tasks include mainly clerical work (on the PC and hand-written). For the performance of their duties to her were:
- A non-height-adjustable desk,
- A non-height-adjustable computer desk,
- A computer with standard keyboard and mouse,
- A footrest and
- An office swivel chair
The existing workstation equipment is non-disability justice and thus does not allow to compensate for the disability-related limitations. So it was mainly to problems or pain when sitting for a long and moving the right shoulder joint in the typing on PC.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

To compensate for the disability-related limitations and avoid jokes at work version, the following tools were used:
- A small box keyboard,
- A track ball mouse,
- Two crutches,
- An ergonomic office swivel chair with height adjustable elbow supports,
- A powered height adjustable desk,
- A roll container,
- A monitor swivel and
- A concept holder.
The tools allow for a dynamic change between sitting and standing activity, assist in compliance with an ergonomic working posture and support and stabilize the body or limbs. The spine and the shoulder-neck area as far relieved that the clerk in the long run can work without jokes and greater loads on. The tools were tested at the beginning of the clerk at work for several days.

Assistive devices used:

computer pointing devices (trackball)
document Holders
arm supports to permit manual activities
fixed-position systems
work tables
work and office chairs

Further Information

The disability-friendly design was sponsored by the Office integration.

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