Information and Communication

This field deals with products and software which support people with disabilities to receive, process and pass on information. The assistive products support bodily functions such as seeing, hearing, speaking, or enable the use of communication aids.

These assistive products can:

  • Improve body functions that are required to inform and communicate
  • Enable alternative communication through images, symbols or electronic devices when speech is not possible
  • Support activities such as reading, writing, drawing and arithmetic
  • Make visual information about language or tactile characters accessible to blind people
  • Make acoustic information for the hearing impaired visible or palpable
  • Adapt telephones, mobile phones, computers for the blind, hearing impaired or physically disabled
  • Send visual, auditory and tactile signals to indicate a specific event


Reading Magnifier

Assistive products for seeing

Glasses, contact lenses, edge-filter glasses, screen readers, magnifiers, magnifying glasses and telescopes support visual function by low vision.

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Hearing Aids

Assistive products for hearing

Hearing aids, headphones, bone conduction systems and bone implanted hearing aids help auditory function with hearing impairments.

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Page Turner

Assistive products for reading

Here assistive products can be found for leafing through books, reading materials and other aids for the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled and people with reading disabilities.

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Speech Synthesizer

Assistive products for voice production

Voice synthesizers and voice amplifiers are used for voice and speech disorders. People without a voice or with a very quiet voice can express themselves with speech using these assistive products.

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Symbol Board

Assistive products for face-to-face communication

Symbol boards, signs and electronic communication aids can be used to directly communicate with people without the use of spoken language .

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Computers and Software

In this area, input devices, output devices and software can be found, which adapt computer terminals for people with disabilities.

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Telephones, intercoms

Special telephones, mobile phones, fax machines and ancillary equipment to transmit information. Intercom systems and intercoms for communication at the door of the flat.

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Writing Aid for Pens

Writing, drawing, calculating

Handles, pens, pads and software to help with writing and drawing by hand or by computer. Calculator with speech output offers support when calculating.

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Alarm Call

Signalling, alarming, indicating

Assistive aids can be found here which indicate certain conditions (sensor) or inform times, dates, location of objects and emergencies.

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Radio Equipment

Audio-video devices

Audio-systems for the hearing impaired, Daisy players and dictation devices, which are widely used by blind people and devices for inserting subtitles on television programs.

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