Assistive Product
Comfort Digisystem

Product Type:

- Sound transmission system
- FM system
- Wireless microphone system
- Modular system
- Accessories for hearing systems

There are 5 images available for this product:

  1. Hörverstärker, Comfort Digisystem Sync DY10
  2. Hörverstärker,Comfort Digisystem Microphone DM05
  3. Hörverstärker, Comfort Digisystem Receiver DE10
  4. Hörverstärker, Comfort Digisystem Conference Microphone DC20
  5. Hörverstärker, Comfort Digisystem Access DA20


The official product sale ended on April 25, 2020. Product support is still available.

Features / Components:

- wireless digital microphones and receivers to improve audibility and clarity
- suitable for conferences, meetings, when driving a car, when making phone calls
- filters out disruptive background noise
- without time delay
- receivers can receive signals from several microphones at the same time
- is suitable for hearing aids as well as for cochlear implants
- lithium polymer battery
- tap-proof with key code
- works wirelessly via Bluetooth with cell phones, cordless phones, landline phones, tablets and PCs
- various programs: Perceptual Speech Enhacement (PSE), Secure Stream Technology (SST), Free Frequency Check (FFC), Free Channel Request (FCR)

Price (without guarantee):

Price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Sonova AG
Laubisrütistr. 28
8712 Stäfa
Switzerland Telephone: +41 58 9280101 Email: Homepage:


Sonova Deutschland GmbH - Marke Comfort Audio
Max-Eyth-Str. 2
70736 Fellbach
Germany Telephone: 0711 51070-0 Email: Homepage:

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