Assistive Product
Phonak RemoteMic

Product Type:

- Microphone for connection to a hearing aid (Phonak)
- Sound transmission system
- Bluetooth microphone
- Accessories for hearing aids

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Phonak RemoteMic

Areas of Application:

- Environments with strong background noise
- Long distance to the speaker
- for people with a hearing aid


The Phonak RemoteMic is an additional microphone that can be plugged into the speaker. The small size makes it very inconspicuous and comfortable to wear. The voice of the speaker is recorded by the PartnerMic and immediately transmitted to your hearing aids via radio signal. The range is up to 20 meters. The device works with Bluetooth transmission technology, which can be received by your Phonak ComPilot hearing aids.

Features / Components:

- simple operation
- volume adjustable via push buttons
- multiple areas of application
- simple coupling with ComPilot
- range up to 20 Meter
- Operating time up to 8 hours

Price (without guarantee):

148.00 EUR incl.VAT (price revEAR)

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Sonova AG
Laubisrütistr. 28
8712 Stäfa
Switzerland Telephone: +41 58 9280101 Email: Homepage:


Sonova Deutschland GmbH - Geschäftsbereich Phonak
Max-Eyth-Str. 20
70736 Fellbach
Germany Telephone: 0711 51070-0 Email: Homepage:

revEAR akustik
Kerstin Knop und Petra Niederklostermann GbR
Leipziger Str. 24
42579 Heiligenhaus
Germany Telephone: 02056 9298630 Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

Dimensions: 52 x 22 x 18 mm
weight: 13 g



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