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Hörgerät contact mini

Product Type:

Hearing aid

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  2. Hörgerät contact mini

Areas of Application:

- for mild to moderate hearing loss


The bone conduction hearing system contact mini is a small hearing aid for all age groups and can be integrated into a variety of headgear, such as hair bands, hair straighteners, sports caps or ski helmets.
The hearing system consists of two interconnected units, an electronics housing and a miniature handset.
The hearing system transmits the sound through vibrations via direct skin contact to the cranial bone, where it is directed to the inner ear and transformed into a nerve stimulus.

Features / Components:

- Automatic hearing system detection with Sound Dynamix (BHM automatic)
- Volume control: Trimmer
- Tone controls: Depth and altitude reduction
- Automatic feedback suppression
- Tone generator: In-situ fine-tuning
- Full freedom of movement

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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BHM-Tech Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
Grafenschachen 242
7423 Grafenschachen
Austria Telephone: +43 3359 20078-0 Email: Homepage:


Bundesweite Suche nach Hörakustikern

Technical Data:

Channels: 8
max. Output power level: Max. 114 dBOFL
1000 Hz 108 dBOFL
1600 Hz 102 dBOFL
Max. Output power level: Max. 84 dBOFL
1000 Hz 79 dBOFL
1600 Hz 72 dBOFL
Max. acoustic mech. Sensitivity level: Max. 51 dB
1000 Hz 47 dB
1600 Hz 40 dB
Frequency bandwidth: 250 Hz to> 8000 Hz
Voltage: 1.35 V



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