Case Study
Neueinstellung einer Küchenhilfe bei einem Seniorenheim


The employer is a retirement home. The meals for the residents are prepared in a kitchen, which is to be extended and modernized for this purpose. Disabilities and functional limitations of the employee: The woman has a hearing impairment and is therefore only limited capable of acoustic information, such. B. speech and signals to perceive. Because of the disability, therefore, audible information must be strengthened so that it can be perceived acoustically by the woman again. The GdB (degree of disability) is 50.

Education and job:

The woman is a trained gardener. At the employer, she was hired as a kitchen helper.

Workplace and work duties:

The employee should carry out the usual simple kitchen work, from the preparation of the food to the filling of thermo containers in the delivery car, to the cleaning of the kitchen, the cooking utensils and the dishes. The woman can only be hired as the employer plans to expand capacity and modernize the kitchen. For the additional equipment of the kitchen are required three food delivery trolleys, a combination cell for the refrigerated storage of food, a quick cook kettle 40 and 60 l each, a hot air damper, a soup and casserole pan and an extractor hood each. The communication takes place with the help of the digital hearing aids of the kitchen help, which are customizable via three programs and thus also allow to a certain extent an attenuation of noise for better speech perception in everyday life.

Assistive devices used:

behind-the-ear hearing aids

Keywords and Further Information

Funding and participation:

The acquisition of the work equipment for the newly created workstation of the kitchen help was promoted by the Integration or Inclusion Office. The employer also received a two-year integration allowance as a wage subsidy from the Employment Agency, as the woman was severely disabled, unemployed and required more training than usual. The costs for the hearing aids were previously taken over by the health insurance to compensate for the disability. The consultation, measurements and adjustment of the hearing aids was carried out by a hearing aid acoustician.

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