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Verbesserung der Kommunikation für eine Auszubildende


The company is a supplier to the automotive industry.

Disability and functional limitation of the trainees:

The woman has a high degree of hearing impairment and is only limited acoustic information, such. B. speech and signals to perceive. Due to disability, therefore, audible information must be strengthened so that they can be perceived by the woman acoustically.


The woman is in a commercial vocational training. As part of vocational training, she also participates in standard vocational education.

Workplace and work duties:

In a test phase, several hearing aids were tested by the trainees. Based on the sound and voice audiometric measurements as well as advice from a hearing care professional, she opted for behind-the-ear hearing aids, in combination with an FM transmission system. The hearing aids each have three switchable hearing program curves and a zoom function via the directional microphones. The zoom function makes it possible in particular to improve the hearing in conversations with several people and background noise. Directional microphones also significantly improve directional hearing. In order to achieve a normal speech perception, the sound pressure level (volume) is increased with the help of the hearing aids and the noise is filtered or damped. To further improve the perception of speech (in the classroom), the hearing aids are supplemented by an FM transmission system. The FM transmission system is a radio system that transmits the voice from the source, via transmitter and receiver, directly to the trainee's hearing aids. The speech is recorded without interference from a microphone that carries the teacher around the neck, and transmitted wirelessly via a small radio receiver that can be plugged into the hearing aids via an audio shoe or adapter, directly into the hearing aids of the trainees. Noise and other negative influencing factors are not transmitted.

Assistive devices used:

Behind-the-ear hearing aids Transmitter systems for radio frequency

Keywords and Further Information

Funding and participation:

The hearing aids were funded by the statutory health insurance and the FM transmission system with the corresponding accessories for the hearing aids (audio shoe and radio receiver) was funded by the Employment Agency. The consultation, measurements and adjustment of the hearing aids was carried out by a hearing aid acoustician.

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