Case Study
Berufliche Inklusion einer Buchhalterin


The employer is a tax and accounting service provider.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The woman got a hearing impairment after several falls over the years. She is deaf in the left ear and deaf in the right ear with a residual hearing of 30 percent. The residual hearing of 30 percent is achieved with the help of a cochlear implant (CI). Her degree of disability is 80. After surgery or care with the CI, the woman had to learn again to understand sounds and language with the help of the CI. This was followed by a gradual reintegration over several weeks. During this period, working hours have been increased from initially two hours to five hours a day.


The woman works as an accountant at the employer.

Workplace and work duties:

The woman works in an open-plan office at a computer workstation. With the help of an appropriate software program, she handles the bookkeeping (eg monthly statements, annual accounts and balance sheets).

Work organization:

The necessary professional communication with colleagues is low due to the self-responsible work area. In particular, it should be noted through the CI that it is necessary to speak clearly and not too far away from it. Most of the communication takes place via e-mail and external telephone calls are taken over by colleagues - internal telephone calls are possible but rarely required. At meetings, a colleague writes important points for her by keyword. For training, she uses an FM device that only picks up the voice of a person or teacher via a microphone and transmits it directly to the recipient of the cochlear implant. Due to the active and very focused listening during the communication, there are premature fatigue and concentration restrictions, so that the employee can only work in her profession for 20 hours a week.

Assistive devices used:

Transmitter systems for radio frequency

Self-representation of the employee for professional inclusion:

After evaluating an interview conducted with the employee, she is generally satisfied with the communication with her colleagues. Sometimes, however, she has problems to understand them if they do not speak clearly, because their CI can not then render it understandable. She wants a secretary for meetings and meetings, who writes a report for later reading. But no permanent regulation has been introduced yet. Even though she has not exhausted all possibilities (eg an FM system for multi-person / group meetings), she is satisfied with the working conditions.

Keywords and Further Information

Funding and participation:

The costs for the care of the accountant with the CI were taken over by the health insurance. The health insurance also paid her during the gradual reintegration continued sick pay and a partial amount for the purchase of the intended for private use FM device.

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