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CM-2.4 Sender

Product Type:
- sound processor
- Sound transmission system
- light chin rest receiver

Areas of Application:
- for hearing impaired and hard of hearing people

For classical applications a small but powerful transmitter with connections for a headset and a plug-in microphone is available. When switched on, the device is immediately ready for operation and an LCD display shows the current status.
The assigned receivers have two outputs for connecting hearing components, standard or individual - for example headphones or earphones. It is also possible to connect teleloops. These transmit the word inductively (wirelessly) to appropriately equipped hearing aids.

Features / Components:
- LCD display
- CM-2.4 Transmitter and Receiver
- plug-in microphone, earhook microphone
- in-ear earphones, headphones
- Phone loop
- 2 x belt clip and 2 x carrying sling
-1 x USB Y-charge cable and 1 x USB power supply

Technical Data:
Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 50 x 15 mm
Power supply: LI-ION 3.7 V / 1100 mAh
Operating time: up to 20 h per charge
Range: up to 300 m
Weight: 66 g
Max. Transmission power: 10 mW

Options / Accessories:
- AM-01 arm mount
- S/PDIF-BOX Digital-to-analog audio converter

Price (without guarantee):
406,98 EUR including VAT (Price of the distribution Aktivwelt GmbH)

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Weitere Details des Vertriebs (Aktivwelt GmbH)

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Aktivwelt GmbH

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